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With over 30 years experience helping children, we know what works & what doesn’t. Rest assured that we provide the best treatment for your child.

Braithwaite Speech & Learning Clinic provide the following services:

  1. Early Intervention & School Readiness

    The importance of early intervention for children with speech and or language problems cannot be over-emphasized. All research demonstrates the value of assessing and providing therapy as early as possible in a child’s development.  We run a school readiness programme based on your child’s current communication skills. If you have any concerns about them, now is the time to seek a professional opinion about your child’s readiness for school. Having a pre-schooler assessed for their school readiness and receive therapy, if needed, before they commence school enables them to learn the essential building blocks for school learning, socializing, reading and spelling. Once weekly therapy provides invaluable help for pre-schoolers.

  2. Speech Clarity

    Poor communication can lead to a troubled and confused child. Unclear speech, sentences that don’t make sense, and not understanding others are all signs that your child is having trouble communicating. Our website has a guide that can help you judge if your child’s speech and communication skills are progressing normally. The guide can be found here http://www.speechandlearning.com.au/speech-clarity/

  3. Language -  understanding and expression

    Your child’s language skills are like the two sides of the one coin. One side is how well they understand what others are saying to them. The other side is how well they convey their message to their listener. These two skills go hand in hand. If one is weaker, the other is likely to be affected. Improving your child’s language skills benefits not only their ability to communicate, but to socialize with others – both children and adults – from whom they are constantly learning. This provides the foundation needed for the development of strong self-esteem and for the development of reading and spelling at school.

  4. Stuttering

    Stuttering can be emotionally damaging to your child. Often children who stutter are ridiculed and bullied at school… they become the scapegoat for teasing. While many different and sometimes complex things can cause stuttering, the GOOD NEWS is this problem can be managed with the proper guidance.Stuttering can be a normal part of your child’s development of the complexities of language. It is important however to have a speech pathologist assess your child to determine this.

  5. Trouble Reading

    Stumbling over words, squinting while reading, avoiding reading altogether and holding the book up close to the eyes, are things to watch out for once your child starts school. They may mean your child is having trouble learning to read. They may even be having trouble comprehending what they are reading.Guiding your child through these early skills, in a fun way, fast tracking their progress in reading is an important part of the work we do. We use a unique combination of programmes that are based on the Australian school curriculum. We systematically teach the foundation skills required for reading success. Our programmes ensure your child has the strategies to not only read but to comprehend and remember what they have read. This latter skill alone enhances all of their learning experiences, aiding every aspect of school learning.

  6. Spelling Difficulties

    Just as language skills incorporate both understanding and expression, literacy skills incorporate both reading and spelling. Trouble with spelling may mean your child is having difficulty with school learning and may not be progressing normally as he or she should. There are some basic strategies your child needs initially to learn to write words and then, as they progress in spelling, they will learn the rules of spelling and how to allow for all the ‘exceptions’ English seems to have. We have a unique method to aid your child through the spelling maze.

  7. NDIS

    Braithwaite Speech and Learning Clinic offers both assessments and therapy for those clients who receive NDIS funding under Self Managed and Plan Managed access.

If you’re concerned about your child, if you’re worried he or she is slipping behind the rest of the class…if you’ve noticed that things aren’t quite right and your child is having trouble, then call us on (02) 9797 1880.

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