It’s 6.30pm, you are trying to get the kids bathed, dressed and dinner on the table and homework done. The kids then ask ‘where’s Dad?’ They go searching for Dad, only to find him in the toilet. This made me think of something I read recently.

A recent study found that men spend 7 hours a year hiding on the toilet for ‘peace and quiet’. But is this something only men do? I think not! It’s a place of sanctuary and most homes have a common household policy that the bathroom is a ‘do not disturb’ zone, although most of us know this rule is not often followed.

So why do men need ‘peace and quiet’

Why do men see bathrooms as an escape, and why is the bathroom such a good hiding place? Surely there are other places we can go to relax.

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To take a break from the kids

We get it. Kids can be relentless. Raising kids can be hard work and escaping to the bathroom for a little ‘me time’ is sometimes needed.

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Others were avoiding ‘nagging partners’

We do not nag….well maybe just a little.

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Some wanted extra screen time

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And others were avoiding chores

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The research that was commissioned by bathroom company, Pebble Grey found that 1 in 10 visits to the bathroom were interrupted. We need a study on how many times a Mum is interrupted when using the bathroom. Maybe it would be more like 8 in 10 visits to the bathroom are interrupted (ha).

It looks like men have found their refuge, their ‘safe place’ from the chaos and busyness of life. What do women do to escape and carve out some ‘me time’?

You know what ladies, I think it’s time we went and claimed some peace and quiet for ourselves.