Well it’s that time of year again….teacher’s gifts. There are some that feel that teachers are just like any other profession and don’t need additional gifts or gifts of gratitude while others go above and beyond to show their appreciation for the work teachers do.

Personally, I feel that teachers play a huge part in our little people’s lives and like to show my love and gratitude for everything they do for my kids. But obviously pass no judgement on what others do, its up to each individual.

We have selected some teacher’s gifts that we think are perfect for teachers and accommodate families with varying budgets and needs. My advice is, if you can, have each parent within the class contribute a set amount and buy gifts on behalf of the whole class. This works so well, you can get some pretty awesome gifts when everyone contributes.

So here you have it, some of the best gifts we have found.

1. Cookie Mix Jars

These are super cute, something consumable that doesn’t take up space  and something they can enjoy and even re use the bottles. They come in two designs ‘’Thanks for making me one Smart Cookie’ and ‘Thanks for making Learning so sweet’’, as well as Christmas designs too.

You can find them HERE

2. Vouchers

Teacher's gift vouchers
Image credit: Hip2Save

If the whole class is contributing, why not buy a voucher for a massage, craft store, camping, sports wear, cinema or a restaurant. I have also bought coffee vouchers for child care workers and teachers that have been really popular as well.

Some good gift vouchers for teachers:

  • Coffee Shops
  • Officeworks
  • Typo
  • Book Stores
  • Restaurant or Movies

3. Stamps & Stickers or anything Stationery!

These usually come out of a teachers own money so can be a great gift to give to teachers. You can even get personalized ones too. Bright Star Kids have personalised stickers which can be found HERE

teachit Co have super cute personalised stamps and stationery which can be found HERE

4. Alcohol!

Some are against giving alcohol and maybe some schools don’t allow it, but it is a super popular gift that a lot of teachers appreciate. You can buy or make your own. Here is a nice baileys recipe HERE or you can buy some apple cider with a note that says ‘an apple for the teacher wink’.

5. Easy Care Plants

Do you have succulents and plants around the garden you can re pot and gift to a teacher? Or these bright rainbow pot and plant packs are a great gift. You can choose the colour pot and plant or make it a surprise. And they have other designs too, but I love the rainbow! You can find them HERE

6. Eco Friendly Gifts

Is your childs teacher waste wise and into eco friendly gifts? A calico reusable shopping bag is a cute idea and have your child decorate and paint a picture on the bag. You could also fill with stationery or other gifts if you wanted. You could also get all the kids in the class to write their name or draw a little picture each on the bag if time persists and could be a nice gift from the whole class.

Bright Star Kids have these cute cotton bags available here with lots of different designs.

This Fressko Rush Flask remains hot/cold for hours with the BPA free stainless steel walls, housed by a bamboo shell with a leak-proof chrome-rimmed/bamboo lid. Ideal for coffee, tea or fruit water.

My Little Blossom Co. have these super cute and practical wooden bookmarks for teachers that can be personalised with their name, as well as other teacher gift ideas. You can find them HERE.

7. Themed Teacher’s Gifts

Does your child’s teacher love baking or gardening or going to the beach or another interest that you know of? You can put together a ‘baking box’ for example filled with oven mits, cookie mix, wooden spoon, coffee voucher or a gardening box or beach themed box with a beach towel and insulated drink bottle. Sometimes, the letter of introductions that some teachers send out at the beginning of the year, can give us clues as to what they are interested in.  

8. Handmade Teacher’s Gifts

Image Credit: Artsy Craftsy Mom

Lots of teachers love gifts made by their students and there are lots of resources available out there. Home made book marks, Christmas ornaments, key rings, and magnets.

If you or the kids are into sewing, some colourful cotton bunting for the classroom is a nice idea.

A heartfelt note by your child will be sure to warm their teacher’s heart. HERE is some baking Christams gifts that are great for kids that may help as well !

What about Teacher’s gifts for support staff or you have kids in High School?

There are so many staff and support people within a school who play a crucial role in caring for our kids. It takes a village to teach our children. And what if your kids are in High School with lots of different teachers playing a part in their education?

Grazing or dessert platters are a great idea to have in the staff room at lunch on the last day of school to show your thanks and appreciation. Although would be great to have as many families within the school as you can to contribute!

Hopefully this has given you some easy, quick teachers gift ideas ‘that they are sure to love. What teacher’s gifts are you doing this year? We would love to hear them!