It’s that time of year again when we spend the equivalent of a month’s mortgage on presents for our kids. If you are stressing at the idea of the expense, or struggling to come up with gift ideas that aren’t tired or lame, we are here to help. Let’s talk Christmas ideas for the kid who has everything.

Today’s kid may seem like he already has everything. If you are buying for your own children and trying to reduce the amount of stuff they get, or if you have that one nephew or grandchild who already seems to have everything he could possibly need then you might be out of new ideas.

This is the list of Christmas ideas for the kid who has everything. Giving this year just got easier, and you are still guaranteed to feel the Christmas spirit yourself and get a huge smile from your recipient when you select one of the ideas from this list.

Nine Unique Children’s Gift Ideas for the Christmas Kid Who Has Everything

A Subscription Box

The wonderful thing about subscriptions is that they keep on giving all year round. Look for something that your kid doesn’t already receive – some fantastic ones include the National Geographic Kids magazine, a monthly art and craft box from Doodle Crate, or a science and techy one from STEM box.

For more subscription ideas check out this article: https://www.bhg.com.au/11-subscription-boxes-for-kids

A PenPal

Modern children have definitely lost the art of letter writing – but they never fail to be excited when they receive something in the mail for them. Why not put together a little pack for letter writing – some nice pens, paper, envelopes, stamps, perhaps some stickers, and then arrange for someone to start writing to your child.

A grandparent or cousin in another part of the world would be happy to comply, or you could also source one here:


A Garden

There are so many different kinds of little living things that you can give a child, and they can be tailored very much to suit each kid’s personality. Some little garden gift ideas include:

  • A herb garden for their room
  • Vegetable or flower seedlings and a little set of gardening tools and gloves
  • A collection of little bonsai trees
  • A dwarf tree of their favourite fruit
  • A fairy garden you can build in the backyard
  • A collection of small animal sculptures and accessories so you can create a little zoo or wildlife park in the yard somewhere
  • A terrarium for indoors like this one (https://www.bigw.com.au/product/creativity-for-kids-grow-n-glow-terrarium/p/664094/)

For other eco-friendly gift ideas check out this shop here: https://www.goinggreensolutions.com.au/gifts/gifts-for-kids.html


As parents, we love it when kids get tickets to shows and events. It saves us money and it means that there is a day in the future where our child gets treated again, which spreads out the Christmas cheer. And there is one less extra toy or piece of plastic rubbish coming into our house to collect dust.

You could buy a once-off ticket such as for a concert or theatre show, luxury movie tickets, or a trip to a local theme park, exhibition or water slide park.

You could look into a yearly membership to the zoo or a science centre, or perhaps a terms’ worth of classes that you know your child will love such as art, cooking, pottery, dancing, music or sport.

Books or Audiobooks

Almost all children love books or audiobooks, and absorb their contents quickly like the little learning sponges that they are.

Kids will always need another great book. You can find something awesome for every age and interest level, including activity books. Or even personalised options that have your child starring in them.

If your child is a bit techier, you could get them a tablet reader or perhaps a subscription to a good audiobook company, which gives them a new book every month. For some audiobook options read this article here: https://hellosubscription.com/best-audiobook-subscriptions/

Tunes to Groove To

Everyone needs a little more music in their lives. Like books, music makes a great gift for kids of any age, you just need to tailor the gift to the specific child and their interests.

Some great ideas include:

  • A musical instrument (not drums, or a whistle) or a CD
  • A Spotify subscription
  • Super cute headphones or earbuds
  • A mini CD player to go next to their bed
  • A waterproof, Bluetooth speaker for the bathroom
  • Tickets to their fav concert

Something Personal

Monogrammed and personalised items have been around forever, and kids love getting things with their name on them. Be creative and original about this tough – don’t just grab a hairbrush or keyring from the rotunda at the discount shop. Make the gift truly personal, in that it has your child’s name on it, and is also perfectly chosen for them.

Some excellent personalised ideas include:

A bamboo journal with their name carved into it (https://www.hardtofind.com.au/189850_personalised-top-secret-thoughts-bamboo-notebook-and-pen-set)

A hand-painted keepsake box (https://www.hardtofind.com.au/191254_personalised-australian-animals-keepsake-box)

A personal mug, wrapped together with some hot chocolate powder and a bag of marshmallows.

A personalised apron together with some basic cooking utensils and a cook book. Or a couple of woodwork kits from your local craft store.

Quirky, personalised socks (https://www.hardtofind.com.au/181666_personalised-kids-socks-video-game

Movie Night at Home

Put together a bundle including some very cute pyjamas and slippers, some chocolate snacks and microwave popcorn, a new drink bottle and a new DVD or a voucher for Netflix. You have just created the perfect night in, and everything you have given will completely be used and appreciated.

Family Day Out

You would be surprised by how many children just want their whole family to spend a day happily together. Weekends go by in a blur of sporting activities, birthday parties, and parents frantically trying to catch up on work or get five minutes to themselves – honestly, how often would your whole family just spend the day together?

Book a day and give this gift to your child. For younger ones you might need to decide what you are going to do. But older kids would love to do the booking and arranging for themselves.

Trust me, they will love this gift, and they will remember it all year. It could even become a tradition you give every year!

For some more awesome ideas, check out our directory which showcases businesses with unique and practical gifts.