Christmas and baking just naturally go hand in hand – don’t they? Even if you aren’t very handy in the kitchen, it can be hard to resist the temptation of tackling some Christmas baking when December rolls around.

We love the idea of homemade gifts, and when you create a great family moment with the kids while making them, you are rocking it parenting style.

If you are the sort of maker who gets flustered seeing anyone else making a mess of things – ‘You’re doing it wrong, just give it to me and go and watch television; I’ll do it!’ – take a deep breath. Our suggestions below are quite simple, just get yourself a big cup of tea or a glass of wine and enjoy yourself.

Making Christmas gifts with kids can be fun, and these treats aren’t too difficult or fancy – but you will give a huge smile to anyone receiving them.

Here are some easy ideas for bake at home Christmas gifts (most don’t even include baking – how great is that?) that your family will love.

Every recipe below has steps that you can allocate to even very young children. Some of the recipes you could let school-age kids make on their own while you just watch.

10 Bake at Home Christmas Gifts with Kids

Decorating Store Bought Biscuits

This is a lovely easy one. You buy store-bought biscuits such as Tim Tams, Chocolate Wheaton’s, or milk arrowroots and then decorate these in Christmas themes using various lollies and tinted melted chocolate.

They look impressive but are super simple to do. These are wonderful for the class Christmas party when you need to bring a plate.

source: taste.com.au


source: theorganisedhousewife.com.au


Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

These are easy, low-cost and so much fun to make. There is a very rare person indeed you wouldn’t appreciate a jar of these as a Christmas gift. We love these as a teacher’s gift, with a cute whimsical tag or a handwritten card from your child – you can’t go wrong!


Mason Jar Mixes

These are a lovely idea. Use a clean mason jar and create a bake-at-home mix for your recipient – something totally warm and comforting like hot chocolate or cookie mix. They look great and are guaranteed to get used.

source: celebratingsweets.com


We especially love the idea of an adult version with a tiny bottle of grog attached!


Christmas Bark

If you haven’t yet discovered the little piece of heaven that is chocolate bark – oh, my goodness you are missing out. I warn you though, make a double batch of this because you will want to eat it all yourself.

This recipe is an American one and uses graham crackers, but you could substitute Saladas or any similar salty crackers.

bake at home christmas gifts


This recipe is also fantastic – it is easy to make and looks super impressive when received.

source: createbakemake.com


Chocolate Gingerbread Truffles

This recipe is an absolute winner for anyone who loves gingerbread. It is again simple – no baking required and lots of hands-on steps for the kids to help you with. You can buy Christmas coloured sprinkles or mini M&Ms to decorate the top with if you’d like them to look even more festive!

bake at home christmas gifts


Christmas Pudding Truffles

If you don’t love gingerbread, here is another simple truffle recipe using store-bought Christmas pudding or Christmas cake. You could also insert pop sticks into these and give them as Christmas Pudding Pops!



As a biscuit, Florentines are one of the absolute easiest to make. You can also create a version which is suitable for gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free diets just by switching a few ingredients around. You could try a version with gorgeous dark chocolate and chopped dates for an entirely different taste.


Christmas Marshmallow Pops

This is another recipe that couldn’t get simpler if we tried! Your children will love making these pops with you, and quite a lot of the ingredients might end up in mouths in the process, so be sure to buy extra!

bake at home christmas gifts


Christmas Chow

Another very easy recipe that the kids could pretty much handle all by themselves. Sit back and just supervise this one and let them do all the work. Make sure that you are the designated taste tester, however.

You can give these in jars as a gift or pop them into little gift bags with cute handmade tags. This recipe contains nuts so it might not be safe for sending to school however.


Tiny Teddy Sleighs

If you are a fan of the tiny teddy racing cars for kids’ parties, you are going to love this Christmas spin on them. No baking required, just some chocolate melting, and then lots of fun assembling and finger-licking.

These are ridiculously cute!


If you try making any of these, we’d love to see some pics – send them in! Or if you have your own favourite home baking (or not baking at all) recipe for making Christmas gifts with your kids, comment and let us know.

If you are looking for some last minute Christmas gift ideas, here are some great ideas.